The Joseph Toles Foundation provides the opportunity for children in foster care to have a camping experience where they are safe, respected and loved. In participating in our innovative programs, our campers have fun, learn new skills, and leave with a profoundly strengthened spirit. We are proud of the Joseph Toles Foundation mission and vision. Thank you for making the magic of camp possible.


Our program includes swimming, theater, dance, arts & crafts, an adventure course, cooperative group activities and more.

Our program areas have meshed the principles of Adventure Counseling, Play Therapy and Natural Helpers (a peer-helScooter Funping program used across the United States) to help participants strengthen their coping and helping skills and teach them how to support themselves and others in their communities.

Activities are designed to encourage young people to develop the capability to navigate the paradoxes of adolescents, develop the capability to intervene effectively with troubled friends, develop the capability to choose positive ways of taking care of themselves and develop the capability to improve their school and community.

Children who are raised in foster care, abusive homes, and alcohol/drug affected environments pose a difficult task for those who work with them. Children who appear successful, stable, and satisfied may be coping with issues that they have learned to conceal. Our program is designed to create enthusiasm, self-esteem, and joy, elements that can be an important part of the healing/coping process.

Our camping environment enables campers to experience a sense of freedom from their dilemmas. Our staff of clinicians, family advocates, part-time summer staff, interning graduate students and volunteers participate in activities with campers, enabling the children to interact on an informal basis with responsible adults and build trust in others and themselves.